PK Glossary – Shorthand & Acronyms

Not sure what terms to use in the heat of battle? This pk glossary is here to help you learn the shorthand acronyms for tactics, locations, and more!

It's a sword!


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Away from keyboard. used to indicate that this person is unlikely to be able to respond to anything.

Refers to tracks being bloody which happens when your enemy is on foot and in a beaten or critical condition ie "bloodies heading n".

Finished the stab timer, but the stab failed .. ie you clumsily approach someone with your dagger. Much cause for disappointment. see also: clumsied

Finished the stab timer, but the stab failed .. ie you clumsily approach someone with your dagger. Much cause for disappointment. see also: bricked

Fresh tracks.. ie "on 2 freshies heading north of appletree" meaning you're following two sets of fresh tracks.

lots or tons
Means that the person saw lots of enemies, many more than they expected to see. It's a time when you need to rethink your strategy, because you were counting on facing fewer. Just because the person narrated "lots" doesn't mean that people should flee quite yet, but be wary and stay with a few mobs until they're sure.

lots, out
Means it's time to get safe and re-think.

Refers to "I'm not fighting anymore" typically, the enemy fled off. Tells the others that the fight is no longer where you narrated "on" and the enemy is most likely running somewhere.

The most basic piece of information in PK, telling others that the fight is on. The majority of PK is typically chasing, blocking, standing around, baiting and so forth. Mostly, for every hour pking, you'd be lucky to spend 10 minutes actually fighting. "on" tells people where it's at. How much information you put in the "on" message depends on how much information the others need to know. The most frequent mistake is if they don't know where you are, simply narrating "on" doesn't help, you need a location.

An instruction to get out of the fight and get safe, most likely because your side is losing. "OUT" means "get out now". "OUT OUT OUT" means "run like hell".

pat or patty
A "patrol" of mobs made up by one leader and a number of lesser mobs (ie fade and 4 ramshorned trollocs). They may be stationary or mobile.

Stands for player-killing. Alternatively referred to as PvP, often used to ask if there's any pk going on anywhere.

Means same as "on" but the person typed na ron rather than nar on.

Midmap is where Andor resides


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The town of four kings, just west of Caemlyn.

apple or appletree
A horseload in the Caralain grass, east of Black Hills and south of cut.

2n 2e 2s of the old waygate and is also a spammable fadespot.

Aka bridgeguards. there are 2 of them: the eastern and the western bridgeguards. they guard the entrances to Tar Valon and can provide some nice mob help.

A fadeable room with a spammable 1e 1s 1e from junction.

cara ent
An enwsu room in the Caralain grass. A nice chokepoint to prevent trolls making it to Braem.

2n 2e 2n w of the waygate and also a spammable fadespot.

A path around Caemlyn that runs from the west to the south of the city.

exec or executioner
2n of the Western gate of Caemlyn.

Forgotten Braem. fb can also mean forested borderlands or feather bladed staff... just use your wits to figure out which one is meant in the particular situation you are in.

The hill giant cave in the western part of the west plains.

A door in wb fade.

Aka junc/junct - The junction in 4k between the Caemlyn road and the Lugard road and one of the 2 spots where you can go towards the Lugard road.

lug fade
A fadepatty 1e 1n of the fountain between Lugard and Four Kings.

lug fountain
A fountain on the road between Lugard and Four Kings.

One of the doors to WB fade.

A room in the west plains (1w from the pond in the northern part of it).

A door in 4k, 1e 1n 1u 1n from junction.

quiet valley
A connection between the Braem woods east of WB and the Braem woods connecting with the Caralain grass. Chokey and can be nasty if being chased.

The Roland smob. used as a route to get from Braem to the Caemlyn road and back, as a resting place and not unimportant: as a place to trap people. The Rollie area has a lot of doors and secrets. As with the Braem tunnels: learn them if you want to pk in Andor seriously.

A gate on the Lugard road, useful when blocking. Located 1n of the fountain.

store room
One of the back entrances to rollie. worth noticing in particular because it has 3 spammable doors and is used as a trap a lot of times.

The first enw room you find traveling west of 4k, the north exit leads to a one exit room.

tinker camp
The tinker camp in the northern part of caralain grass.

A door east of the luggy road.

A set of tunnels under the braem that connect to other parts of the braem and to the caralain grass. there are 9 exits to and fro the tunnels, so they are a raider's best friend.

Aka ways, the waygate is located in the southeastern part of the Caralain grass.

Whitebridge. Don't go calling wagon bridge wb... that only confuses people.

wb fade
Whitebridge fade. A boon and a curse to ds players. wb fade can be ones best friend, or ones worst enemy. It is a set of underground rooms with strong mob support and 2 spammable entrances. like with all patties and mobs, it's helpfulness depends on your use of it and on how good your opponent is. The commonly known entrance is located 8w 8n 3e 1n of whitebridge.

A door allw 1n 1w of 4k

Up north is where all the fun happens!


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well, or orch well
3w, 1s of orch entrance, this room in orchard has a well. It's a traditional meeting spot for humans, and it also loads 2 spotted horses. Flees for humans are goodif nobody is blocking, then whichever way you flee (north or south), the same spams get you safe (ie 2w, head south :P)

winding choke
Head far east and a bit north up the winding road, to just a bit northeast of the brigand tower in south winding. This is actually a series of rooms with many chokepoints either way. It's basically where winding "turns" and starts heading north.

Go west to battle some Sushi


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Trail in grass. Good area to group up as it has four exits to flee if fight going bad, don't put in a direction when you flee, get oriented first.

East side of mines, door to go down/up, a bit north from Deven's Ride or DR.

Bandar Eban

The ropebridge that goes e around valley.


Emond's Field

ef patty
Old road seanchan patrol.

Short for Grassy, Overgrown Road, a road that splits off of THR.

A room called "Hermit's Cottage" mostly just a place reference.

Short for Isle Jafar, where there's a waygate that humans and trollocs occasionally use to raid the village.

KD ent
All e of cairhien. A lot of fights happen here since it's a popular place to wait for enemies since it's the meeting place of the n and s spines and the way toward Cairhien, although it's certainly not necessary to pass through it to go anywhere except up the mountain.

Living forest. an area between two down exit rooms with lots of plant like mobs. Generally best to go around it to the west but can be spammed through. Beware the deathtrap.

A choke point in the eastern area of Arad Doman, in the northern misties. Room name is mossy boulders.

Room with a North, West, East exit, commonly used as blocking because it acts as a chokepoint between safety (Toman Head Road, Falme) and human territory (Tanchico to the south, Emond's Field).

Short for Oathbreaker, the Seanchan nickname for humans.

path, path patty
Dark heart seanchan patrol.

Qest side entrance to the mines its the doorname to go down/up east of Yandar.

2n or so from narrow

Short for Toman Head Road, the (only) road leading out of Falme.

Depending where they are most of the time its wagonbridge which is 1 west of EF, if you know they're raiding let's say Caemy, its probably Whitebridge, isn't used most of the time by seanchan.

In the east is Cairhien


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Barren pass. starts all e s e of Cairhien and runs due east toward the Aiel waste. some people will chase enemies toward the waste (where there is a waygate) but generally not much further than the first room that forces you to dismount to continue. barren pass is also accessible from the scorpion zone via a one way room.

cair road
The road headed south of Cairhien offers a way to safety (Caemlyn) when Cairhien itself is thoroughly blocked. sometimes pk happens in this zone, usually as a result of humans trying to get in sgate and getting blocked.

cslab, slab
Crackedslab. 2s of the north entrance to the desolate valley, this door has a powerful ds patty behind it. raiders often use it as a refuge and fade point. no danger of fleeing in as long as you're on a horse. watch out for 1n of here where there is a set of rooms behind a door in which you can ride and can be used as a trap by either side.

Formerly a very dangerous block point headed either way because of a spammable door. there is now a way around but this narrowing in the zones is still a common fight spot and fast humans can often cut off trollocs headed this way.

debris zone
Openish area just south of the debris door.

farm, or farmroad
A road in north spine where horses load in a barn and where mobs won't track you. often used to get away from tracking mobs and as reference point.

fg, or grove
Forgotten grove. an area in the southern reaches of the scorp zone behind a series of 2 doors and with many ancient tree mobs. if a fight breaks out in here, one side is usually completely eliminated due to the difficulty of getting out of the doors.

jimmy ent
Refers to the entrance to the jimmy the lizard king smob, a ways north from debris.

jimmy zone
Area north of debris but south of wastelands, named because of the local smobjimmy the lizard king (he can do anything!). usually as far as you'd want to chase after a trolloc unless you're serious and have considerable experience.

Kinslayer's dagger. a mountain range east of Cairhien. Alle u from e gate is the entrance.

liz zone
Name given to the area between kd and mouth, refers to the giant horned lizards that inhabit it.

Most important point in the area for humans, offers 1 flee headed north, 2 headed south and 1 headed nowhere. is the best place to block fleeing trollocs headed north and is a popular regroup point. many fights happen here.

n spine
North spine. the spine of the world anywhere north of cairhien all the way to the wastelands.

5e 2s from egate, used as a reference point.

s spine
South spine. the spine of the world anywhere south of cairhien all the way to haddon mirk.

scorp ent, scorp top
3s 2e from kd ent. this room offers a good place to block someone headed south since n and w flees lead back to e cair and barren.

scorp zone
Scorpion zone. begins alle 3s 2e from e gate and extends down to roughly grove area.

thickvine, hiddentrail
Doors to the forgotten grove.

There are 4 sets of trees near cairhien, 1w of pond, 2w s w of pond, s 4e s w of kd ent and s 5e 2s of kd ent. the ones most commonly used in pk are the ones near the pond. use the where command to help figure out which one is meant.

Desolate valley. an area of the scorpion zone where scorpion's won't follow to from other areas and most importantly including a powerful darkside patty behind a door.

wastelands, wastes
Area north of jimmy zone all the way up to lockshear. also connects with tarwin's gap. this zone is rough on humans, it takes a lot of move points to move around and there are trolloc friendly mobs in almost every other room.