Factions in the Wheel of Time MUD

The Wheel of Time MUD is a racewar MUD in which players choose one of three sides or “factions”, to play: the Light, the Dark and the Seanchan. This racewar produces heroes on each side, the Ta’veren, Reavers and Sei’taer. The Light is the strongest side both in terms of territory and numbers; this is the side that the series primarily deals with and we recommend that new players start here first. The Seanchan and the Dark are the minority sides, both geared more towards experienced players. Darkside is the oldest of the two, with a clear military structure.

Aiel, one of the Wheel of Time factions

The most populous faction, lightside territory comprises most of the map. With the majority of clans, they are the most diverse side in terms of playstyle and options. The most dedicated roleplayers can be found here, and one can never run out of things to do.
Strictly dedicated to player-killing, the darkside is aggressive in it's pursuit of domination in the name of the Dark One. All players start out as a trolloc, and can join the horde as a Ghar'ghael, Dha'vol, Dhai'mon, Ko'bal or Ahf'frait. After proving themselves to the Great Lord, they can opt to be reborn as a Dreadlord or Fade.
In service of the Empress, may she live forever, the Seanchan continue their relentless assault against the mainland. Our game features the homeland continent, as well as dynamically controlled areas. With the ability to play Deathwatch assassins, sul'dam/damane, beastmasters of raken and torm, and more in the Ever Victorious Army - your options are many.

While most clans fall under the lightside faction, many have strong beliefs that oppose those of other clans. WoTmud has a unique clanwar system, which has clearly delineated winners for each cycle. At the end of the cycle, treaties can be hashed out, or war can be declared again. Is the pen mightier than the sword? It's your call.
Secretly hiding amongst the Lightside and Seanchan factions, Friends of the Dark serve the Father of Lies. Gathering rewards while they progress towards Dreadlord or Fade, they perform tasks for the Dark Lord that could include anything from whispering in the ear of a great commander to poisoning water sources. They could be anyone...

Playercard art: Seamas Gallagher