Player Classes in WoTmud

Based on D&D rules like most other games of the MUD genre, player classes dictate which abilities and skills they will gain as they increase in level. The class you choose will help determine what your play-style will be. Class choice can be constrained by race, with each race having some differences in the amount of classes they can choose from. Some classes (or class/race combinations) are only available through the remort process.

Each class offers it’s own unique balance of weaknesses and strengths. Since remorts are achieved through the highest level of gameplay, they offer greater flexibility than other classes.

Sneaky little mice, they're clearly rogue class!

Hard hitters with major brute strength, warriors are the most dynamic class when it comes to weapons. You'll usually find them in heavy armor, though they aren't limited to it. Warriors are also able to go "berserk", a skill that lends an offensive bonus and the ability to hit twice in a round, but makes them unable to flee while engaged.
Most comfortable in the shadows, these classic dagger-wielding sneaks are generally the most nimble. Their keen senses allow them to scan nearby indoor rooms, making it easier to prepare for a strike. They tend towards lighter armor, and if you aren't careful, you could find yourself dead without even having seen one...
Widely considered the most versatile of the four basic classes, hunters are considered the jack-of-all trades. Most easily adaptable to any type of armor, hunters have the most options when it comes to diverse setups. Gifted in the woods, they also have the ability to passively read tracks, giving them the potential to be excellent leaders.
One of the more difficult classes to learn, channelers wield the One Power. Able to do massive amounts of damage quickly, they are balanced by being somewhat of a glass cannon. Female channelers are easier to start with, as male channelers are hunted by most nations. Wilders, Aes Sedai, Dragonsworn and even Kin can be found in game.
Dreadlords & Myrddraal
Dreadlords and Myrddraal are advanced "remort" classes, more powerful incarnations of trollocs and darkfriends that have been rewoven into the pattern by the Dark One. They are achieved through special quests that involve but are not limited to; deep game knowledge, leadership, strategy and warfare.
Challenges on a character never stop. Dedicated players can continue to progress even after they've reached Master status. Gain a greater number of questpoints to earn bonuses such as special gear, increased statistics, your own home and more.

Playercard art: Seamas Gallagher