Wheel of Time Game – Free Forever!

The Horn of Valere


Yes, the Wheel of Time MUD is a completely free game at every point. You’ll never have to compete against people who have bought perks. We’re not a commercial venture, we do it for fun and we do it because we love MUDs. Especially good ones!

You’ll never be asked to pay in credits for a zmud script or gear from other users, it’s just not like that. This is a place where we all want to have as much fun as possible. The guy who kills you on his Trolloc on the Monday will more than likely help re-equip you and help you write a script on the Tuesday. There’s no cool stuff only usable if you pay money, no credits, no fee for better equipment, spells or skills, no special perks if you pay, no download fee, no monthly fee, no expansion pack fee, no popup ads, no in-game advertising, no nagware. You don’t need to spend money here to max any skills. Personalized items and in-game homes are attainable by anyone. We’re cool like that. Catch it yet? Completely free. Not just free when you start, but always free, regardless of your level, aspirations, whatever. It’s free.

What costs does the MUD incur?

The game is hosted on a webserver like any website is; and therefore hosting and bandwidth costs money. It is financed by the staff, chiefly Flash.

Why is this good?

Well, we’re not after your money which, let’s face it, is always good. Beyond that though, it’s a feature of many online gaming worlds that players can buy enhancements that give them an advantage over their fellow players. Perks.

Neither pay to play nor pay for perks.

Other commercial MUDs give free access to their worlds but also sell various perks for money. These are known within the gaming world as “pay for perk”. We are neither pay to play nor pay for perk! When you play those, to compete or even keep up with the guy with perks, you’ll need to buy perks. For example, in some MUDs you have to spend money to even max your skills! At the Wheel of Time MUD, that culture doesn’t exist. We won’t charge you for unique, personalized items or homes or to max your skills. It’s simply part of MUD service which we consider standard. It’s a level playing field. We like it that way, and we’ll keep it that way. In fact, we’ll even ban your butt if you try and sell gear to other players. It isn’t in the spirit of the game as far as we’re concerned.

But aren’t free games lousy?

No. Definitely not. Free doesn’t mean amateur. It’s what commercial guys need you to believe, though. Free MUDs obviously vary, but something that’s been running for 25 years has got to be doing something very right! There are a bunch of people running the show who actually enjoy their online gaming, who are gamers themselves. They want to give something back to the community and have the time to do it. It means professional programmers, professional writers, game designers and talented web professionals. They each contribute their loving best to to make the whole better. Simply put, a communal venture held together by a bunch of volunteers who did this… because they felt like it.

We are not here to get your money, we just want you to have a good time.

Other than your own access to the Internet and obviously your own computer, you do not have to pay for anything to play. You can play the game for free using our web client or you can download perfectly acceptable free mud clients. You can also use telnet or other terminal software which is bundled with your OS.

Are there any plans to make players pay?

Nope… most immortals here see what they do as a passion, something for the love of it rather than as any money-making exercise. The terms of our permission to operate from the late Robert Jordan also prevent that. Bottom line, we’re never going to take your money for playing. It isn’t going to happen. Ever. You’re safe here.

Can I help out?

Yes you can! We are always looking for volunteers to help maintain the Wheel of Time game and make new and fun things happen. If that’s something you’re interested in you can apply to be an immortal.