WoTmud Herb Glossary

Herbs in WoTmud

A glossary designed to help you find and use all the herbs featured in the Wheel of Time saga, whether through roleplay or actual WoTmud items.

***Potion Ingredient
**Wisdom Only
*Quest Item


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There are currently 6 names in this directory beginning with the letter G.
Used to treat heart complaints. The powdered form can be used to induce sneezing in order to relieve headaches and earaches. Has some effect on poison relief. ***a vial of powdered red gheandin blossom

Used to make a patient sleepy and also relieve stomach cramps. *a handful of goatstongue

Eases digestion and upset stomachs.

Used with Goatstongue to make a tea for sleep. Also used to relieve cramps. *a few leaves of greenwort

Grey Fennel***
A rapid acting poison used to coat weaponry, favored by assassins. May be beneficial in extremely small quantities. ***a gray fennel plant

Ground Ivy***
Used to relieve pain and heal bruises. May be of some assistance in fatigue relief. ***a sack of green ivy