PK Glossary – Shorthand & Acronyms

Not sure what terms to use in the heat of battle? This pk glossary is here to help you learn the shorthand acronyms for tactics, locations, and more!

It's a sword!


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Midmap is where Andor resides


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A gate on the Lugard road, useful when blocking. Located 1n of the fountain.

store room
One of the back entrances to rollie. worth noticing in particular because it has 3 spammable doors and is used as a trap a lot of times.

The first enw room you find traveling west of 4k, the north exit leads to a one exit room.

Up north is where all the fun happens!


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Southeast of rock path, is a room called "In a Shady Valley". Note that this is actually in west dusty, at the zone edge. Thus it's a favorite spot for many trollocs to wait so that they can smell horses in west dusty, and humans so that any trollocs in forested borderlands don't smell them. Flees for everyone are so-so, so no real strategic advantage here.

2n, 2e of downer is the shoulder. To get to north blight without going to the stedding, you need to get past the shoulder. It has n/s/w exits, north leading to north blight. Once a trolloc gets north of shoulder, however, they are typically safe (barring the huge amount of mobs there).

North of 1e dep, the winding road splits into a circle, which meet up back at "A Split in the Road"a n/w/s room called "split" for short. This is a chokepoint for people heading north.

1s, 1w, 3s of sward is the stoutdoor, also called the inn (because it's the entrance to an inn. As the crow flies, this is directly west of Fal Dara. Not often used to block anymore, it's mainly a reference point. 2n stoutdoor is often a block spot, as it's a 4-exit room, with each flee taking you somewhere separate.

From 6w burnt, go all s, and about 3 or 4 west until you get to a room called "At a Southward Bend". Sward is short for southward. Only a south flee gets you out of the west dusty area, others keep you in. Trollocs can block a human getting safe by blocking both 6w burnt and sward, as they're the only 2 ways out of west dusty (without going back to the blight).

Go west to battle some Sushi


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2n or so from narrow

In the east is Cairhien


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s spine
South spine. the spine of the world anywhere south of cairhien all the way to haddon mirk.

scorp ent, scorp top
3s 2e from kd ent. this room offers a good place to block someone headed south since n and w flees lead back to e cair and barren.

scorp zone
Scorpion zone. begins alle 3s 2e from e gate and extends down to roughly grove area.