WoTmud Herb Glossary

Herbs in WoTmud

A glossary designed to help you find and use all the herbs featured in the Wheel of Time saga, whether through roleplay or actual WoTmud items.

***Potion Ingredient
**Wisdom Only
*Quest Item


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There are currently 5 names in this directory beginning with the letter F.
Aid for the breaking of a fever. Used in conjunction with Acem to cute the white shakes. *a handful of feverbane

Used to heal bruises. Works well as an ointment combined with sunburst root and ground ivy. *a bundle of five-finger

Used to treat fatigue. It clears the head and eases tired muscles. ***a blue pouch of flatwort tea

A paralytic drug that has particular effect against channelers. A distilled tincture is strong enough to cut them from the source. Has a stronger effect on men. Used by the Seanchan to ferret out damane. It has a cool, minty taste. ***a packet of dried brown forkroot

A sleep aid that doesn't leave traces of grogginess. *a handfull of foxtail