WoTmud Herb Glossary

Herbs in WoTmud

A glossary designed to help you find and use all the herbs featured in the Wheel of Time saga, whether through roleplay or actual WoTmud items.

***Potion Ingredient
**Wisdom Only
*Quest Item


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There are currently 7 names in this directory beginning with the letter B.
Blackwasp Nettles*
Nettles sting when fresh, and blackwasp emphasises the strength of the sting. *a bunch of blackwasp nettles

It grows in a patch. The plant causes a rapid skin reaction and rash, but also slows the poison from Thakan'dar blades.

Blue Goatflowers***
A hot poultice made with the water from boiled blue goatflowers will greatly improve the healing of a broken bone. ***a small pile of blue goatflower petals

Has no medicinal value. Bitter tasting, used as punishment by the Aiel. *a few pieces of bluespine

A tea of bluewort settles a queasy stomach.

Taken internally for bone fractures. *a bunch of boneknit

Used as a signal for the Yellow Ajah. Yields a strong yellow Dye and can be bundled to make a broom. **a few stalks of yellow broomweed